Catherine Callicott was not born and raised in San Diego, but has called it home since attending San Diego State University. Putting roots down in one place for so long (upwards of 15 years!) was an unusual move for her since she was repeatedly uprooted across the country and back again as the daughter of an Army man (GO ARMY) – an experience she considers valuable to this day.

Always a story teller (apology shout out to whatever poor middle school typing class kid had to type the over achieving 5th graders story), she recently made the commitment to *finish* a big-girl sized novel. Her first book, Fireflies at Dusk (currently in editing phase) was inspired by stories her grandmother shared from her own youth. The highlight of the entire writing process will always be that Catherine was able to show her grandmother the completed first draft and read her the dedication before she passed.

There is much more to say but Mom-mode has started and there’s a hungry family to feed.


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