The Start of New Skin

Ever wonder what it’s like to start a new skin care regimen? Ever wonder if what the results of products are worth it? I started on my journey to a fresher, brighter looking skin and journaled my results from Day One to two months later. Here’s what I found. (Warning: some cringe-worthy close-ups follow!)



Got my products in tonight! I’m so excited to try this.

Sorry Elliott – R+F products are not tested on animals.
I’m going to start with Redefine, I think. Elliott, my cat, took a keen interest in my package. Not sure if this will do him much good, but I feel he’s being supportive of my new venture. Thanks buddy!


Next, I took a good look at my skin – which honestly, I don’t remember the last time I took a close look at my skin. I was a little scared at what I found. I think I’ve been ignoring it because it was easier than really *seeing* the changes that have started happening. Anyway, I realized I had a pimple outbreak on my forehead – weird little pimples though. Not like the ones I had when I was younger. I’m wondering how long I’ve had these and haven’t noticed.

Full Face – Day One

DAY TWO: Redefine – morning & evening

I noticed how soft my skin felt all day. It was hard to keep from touching it! I really noticed the discoloration on my face – is this melasma? I decided to mix two regimens and do Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night. I’ll start tomorrow.


DAY THREE: Reverse – morning / Redefine – evening

My skin feels super soft, especially after using the exfoliating wash in the shower this morning. I think I’m going to like that wash. I put the whole regimen on my neck too, which may not have been the best idea. I know my neck is more sensitive than my face and now I have these little red spots. Oops.

I’m still spotty on my forehead. How did I not notice these before? Was I really that oblivious… apparently yes, yes I was.

Later (afternoon) I feel like my forehead is tight and had a bit of a tingle. I can definitely see why they have you ease into the Reverse, using it every other day at the beginning.

Evening: Ok, I realize this could be completely in my head, but I feel like my pores are smaller already!


DAY FOUR: Redefine – morning & evening

Skin clearing up on my forehead. And I’ve continued to use the regimen on my neck – I think maybe I rubbed too hard? Anyway, my neck feels so soft so that’s a good thing!


DAY FIVE – Reverse – morning / Redefine – evening

My breakout is gone! And my skin doesn’t have that tingle like it did the first time I used Reverse. My throat is K.I.L.L.I.N.G. me though – but my best guess is that this is unrelated (Note: this ended up being strep throat – definitely unrelated but if I could have cut out my neck and simply placed my head on my shoulders I would have done it. So painful!)

I took some natural light photos of the uneven skin tone I noticed. I see this especially on my forehead and around my jaw/cheeks (more so on the left side for some reason).


DAY SEVEN: Reverse – morning / Redefine – evening

Even though I’m sick as death, my skin is looking good to me. Warning: using Reverse may make your skin so bright that your co-workers do not project enough empathy for your illness. Even though I feel steps from death’s door (really, what use is a throat?) my skin looks bright.

Tomorrow I’m moving onto the new daily routine of Reverse in the a.m. and Redefine in the p.m.


DAY SIXTEEN: Reverse – morning / Redefine – evening  (NEW! Added Multi-function Eye Cream and Lash Boost)

It’s been six days since I got my much anticipated Lash Boost Holiday bundle. lbI’ve been so excited to try both of these because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. But, my eyes have felt so dry. I even had to put Visine in one day – which worked great – but I was concerned WHY my eyes were so dry.

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to put on eye cream? I sure didn’t. Turns out that eye cream travels up to an inch over the day/evening and can creep into your eye if you put it too close. I was definitely putting my eye cream too close. Instead you are supposed to pat around your orbital bone, not in the eyeball. Success! This hasn’t been an issue since I learned this trick. I found the below graphic helpful. Just use a teeny amount (the graphic uses more than you need for illustration purposes) around the outside of your orbital bone.



WEEK FIVE: Reverse, Eye Cream – morning / Redefine, Eye Cream, Lash Boost – Evening

I just got my hands on the Microdermabrasion Paste, the Night Renewing Serum, and the Lip Serum. Ohmyflibbergibbet! This stuff is ah-mazing! I didn’t know that my face could feel like velvet – no softer, like silk. And I’m so totally beginning to see a difference in my lashes too. It will be four weeks of using Lash Boost in two days and I can’t wait to see what the next four weeks will bring.

Five week results /   Cat Callicott – Consultant / Reverse & Eye Cream – AM / Redefine, Eye Cream & Lash Boost (4 weeks) -PM   /   Photo shows Left Side of face, 10 minutes post shower

Week Six – Lash Boost

So, it’s been six weeks since I started using Lash Boost, and daah-aahm. I can’t believe my lashes. I’ve been so excited about them that I’ve not paying too much attention to the improvements in my skin (cause you know, lashes!) although I know it’s happening. I hadn’t really expected the changes in my eyebrows too (just place a little of the extra on each brow before putting the applicator back in the tube).




I’m still using the same program that I have been, although I’ve added the Night Renewing Serum into my evening routine. I can’t get enough of that. I think if I could only take three thing with me on a deserted island it would be: Lash Boost, the eye cream, and Night Renewing Serum. (Although on a practical note I should switch one of those to our sunscreen – but hey, it’s my imagination!)

I’ve also added the Lip Serum, which to be honest, I wasn’t too crazy with… at first. I found out that I didn’t like applying the entire capsule, but if I squeezed it into a pill box and used it more like gloss I really like it. And, like everything, I started like it more when I felt the difference in my lips. It’s winter here – yes, San Diego has a winter too – and my lips are usually dry and chapped (my skin too actually). But, not this year!

Below is a before and after since using the products months now. Can you tell which is which? I could not be more happy with the results seen so far. And only two months? The process to improve your skin is a process and like the gym (why I named my FB group Skin Gym) it takes the consistent effort for great results.

Two month results. Can you tell which is the “before” and which is the “after”?

Eight week Lash Boost Results are here! I really feel like I’m wearing false lashes. They are getting crazy long. My husband even noticed the other day how long they were getting! I’m semi-obsessed with my lashes at the moment. 🙂

Um, wow! No words needed.

So there are my two month results! I’ll post more monthly follow-ups as they occur and as I try new products. Rodan+Fields carries five regimen lines (two which I’ve tried here): Reverse Brightening for dullness and fine lines; Reverse Lightening for stubborn dark marks; Redefine for fine lines, pores, and firmness; Soothe for sensitive skin; and Unblemish for acne. In addition to those main regimens we carry tons of other essential and enhancement items.

If you are interested in learning more about this business or the products please feel free to contact me:



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