In Which She Takes a Break (Also Known As: Yah, Right)

My first novel, the one that has taken me nearly two and a half years to write, is finally being read by actual people for the first time! And by actual people, I mean someone who is not me. Of course, directly after I sent it out to my wonderful beta readers I started re-reading it again and found it lacking in SOO many areas. Apparently I have learned a lot since starting my third edit and finishing it. And I’ve started getting feedback which is awesome and amazing and a bit soul crushing to think of how much work that novel still has left.

But, this was also a great opportunity to take a break. [Insert sigh of relief.] Stop writing for a moment, focus on something else. But something else happened. Instead I dusted off a novel that originally started off as a dream somewhere near twelve years ago. I had put close to 14K on paper three years ago, and the abandoned it.  Only to pick it up again, now, and say – well, the writing’s crap. There’s not a lot I can work with, but the plot of the story has still stuck with me.  So, instead of taking a break from writing I find that I can’t stop now.

I feel compelled to write. I WANT to write. I feel like if I don’t I might go crazy. And then I feel like I’m crazy for wanting to work (because writing is work – it’s really hard work) on my days off and stuffed in between nights and lunches. What has writing turned me into? Some sort of word monster? MUST MAKE WORD COUNT, GROWWLLLL…

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Although it get’s a little worse… that book I dusted off. Well, I’ve decided it works a lot better as a trilogy.

Photo on 7-3-15 at 4.39 PM #3
Book monster will eat your words!

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