Hello Sunshines!

Or rather “Hello Gray Rain Clouds” – it’s been a while.  And, while I can’t say that I’ve missed you too much, it really is nice to see you here in Southern California again – no matter how temporary.

Progress is happening on the book and starting the website and blog posting has me rejuvenated and I am super motivated to finish. Only three more chapters to finish my third draft and then off to my lucky beta-readers!  It’s interesting to note that although I get a little frustrated with how slloowww this whole writing a book process has been for me (two and a half years) I do realize that every single time I edit, the story gets better.

Anyway, first blog post (yay me! I’m finally joining the blog-o-sphere). I’m going to update when I can, but I’m, well, you know, writing a book and all 🙂 so that’s where I need to keep my focus.  (inner mantra: focus, focus, focus — I wonder what– no, focus, focus…)

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